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Hello! I’m Kerri, the founder and designer at Rebel Antiques LDN. I have worked in the performing arts industry as a jazz singer and actress since my early 20’s and have always found myself wandering flea markets, antique fairs and carboot sales as a way to wind down, wether that’s on tour or on my home turf.

I love nothing more than seeing what transforms in my studio. 

Creating and painting gives me such deep leave and satisfaction and calms my soul, it’s the one time if feel truly present! (Hellooooo mindfullness!) 

I always imagined one day opening a boutique shop with a combination of my creations and gems I have found on my rounds.

Lockdown gave me the rare opportunity to start it, years earlier than planned!

Rebel Antiques is my passion project, I run it in my spare time alongside my other businesses Dixiebird Records and Retro Performing Arts Company and it is a total symbol of child like rebellion, a combination of old vintage finds meets contemporary style finished with my penchant for a dash of luxe, inspired by many 5 star hotels I have had the pleasure of singing in during my career.

I really hope you love and enjoy what I have been making in my spare time, if you have any requests I take one commission per month and would love to put my creativity to work for you! 

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Love Kerri xx